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What Is The Worst Road In America?

Illustration for article titled What Is The Worst Road In America?

We all have roads we hate. Roads we can't stand driving on. But what road is the unequivocal worst road in all of America?


There are a number of factors that make a road the worst road. Maybe it's the potholes that are the size of beluga whales. Maybe it's the never-ending congestion. Maybe it's the insanity of the drivers on that road. Maybe it's all three together.

Off the top of my head, I can think of about a dozen roads in the New York area alone that qualify as finalists for the worst road in the country.


But what say you? What is the absolute worst road in America?

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Tom McParland

NJ Turnpike. Sure it is well maintained but how many goddamn tolls do you need? And good luck turning around if you miss your exit, you gotta go all the way into PA!!! (exaggeration)