I Have Seen the Future of Mobility and It Is These Dudes Moving a Couch With Two E-Scooters

Moving sucks, and everyone knows it sucks less with a buddy around to help. Luckily, this duo in St. Louis had both the brawn and the brains to get a full size couch moved from A to B without all that pesky truck rental.

Ivana Iness Bosnjak posted this video to Facebook last week with the caption, “The things you see while living in South St. Louis City.” The pair are Washington University students who are transferring ownership of the couch, but had no truck, according to Fox 13.

The brilliant boys decided a pair of Lime scooters and their own true grit was all that was needed and rolled the couch the two miles down the street to its new home.

While this may have started in St. Louis, I personally think that using scooters for everything will be a trend that will need to catch on. Soon, we’ll have caravans of scooters hitched together making their way across this country like the covered wagons of old, hauling Boomers’ belongings from one gig to the next.

Managing Editor of Jalopnik.

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The Old Man from Scene 24

As someone who once used grand-ma’s motorized wheelchair to move a 32" CRT TV from one apartment to the next, I applaud this example of laziness and ingenuity.