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To most Jalops, this may seem like a car I have to drive it as part of some court-ordered punishment. But it's actually pretty good for what it is.

Things I like: It's roomy and comfortable; is quicker than you might expect; steering is nice and direct; supposedly gets 50 MPG in the city; has side cameras that engage when you put your turn signal on, and that's neat; it drives more like a "real car" than a lot of hybrids; and at $35,000 it's basically loaded, which strikes me as a solid deal.


Things I don't like as much: It looks boring as all get-out; electrically-assisted brakes are unnaturally grabby; has more body roll than I'd like; you sacrifice trunk space for the batteries; center console and infotainment system feels a little slapdash and wonky.

I can't say it's something I'd consider buying because it's not my style, but I'm looking forward to trying out and seeing what kind of gas mileage I can get. If you have questions drop them in the comments and I'll answer them as I drive it. Full review coming too.

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