This is a BMW 740Ld xDrive. It's my current test vehicle. And I freaking love it.

Normally when it comes to BMWs, and cars in general, I prefer the fastest, hardest, angriest, adrenaline-pumpingest thing I can get my hands on. But this diesel 7-Series is so smooth, so comfortable, so chilled out that I just love spending time behind the wheel. There's just something nice about cruising around in a huge, well-equipped executive sedan that still has something of a sporting edge to it.

Because BMW nomenclature makes little sense anymore, it's not a 4.0-liter V8; it's actually a diesel 3.0-liter turbo inline six, the same motor out of the last generation BMW 335d. That was one of our favorite 3-Series engines because it has 255 horsepower (okay) and 413 pound-feet of torque (oh hell yes.)

Things I like: Glides along with levels of comfort you'd expect from its shared platform with Rolls-Royce, diesel engine has ample thrust everywhere, fantastic seats, really outstanding Harman Kardon sound system, 8-speed ZF automatic is great as always, steering is impressive.

Things I don't like as much: Not as many insane toys as a Mercedes S-Class, loads of brake dive because it's so heavy and softly sprung, not as fast as other expensive BMWs, I always feel underdressed in it like I should have worn a blazer or something.


This is the last year for the current 7-Series before an all-new one debuts soon, but it's still a very nice car. And an expensive one — with options this guy is $95,850.

I have it for a couple days before I peace out for the New York Auto Show. If you have questions, drop 'em in the comments.