I Guess There Is A Right Way To Drive Off A Loading Dock

Image Credit: (tony_didomenico/Instagram)
Image Credit: (tony_didomenico/Instagram)

This video is pretty much a PSA on “great ways to hurt yourself,” but uh, somehow this heavily modified Chevy Silverado manages to survive driving off a loading dock at speed. Do not try this in your stock Raptor. Or anything else, for that matter.


As you can probably tell from this truck’s substantial ground clearance, the factory monotube suspension has been replaced with enormous long-travel shocks designed to soak up sand dunes.

The rears are so long that they have to poke through the bed, so you know the rig’s legit. Or at least, it’s had some serious scratch spent on it.

You’re seeing a lot of “prerunner” hashtags in there because trucks like this are generally built to do reconnaissance on an off-road race course like the Baja 1000’s before the actual event goes down. We call these scouting and danger-marking missions “pre-running.”

Whether this exact truck is used in any official racing capacity is unknown, but it sure looks like its limits are being tested in this abandoned parking lot. I’ve watched this little video loop five or six times now and I keep thinking a ball joint or control arm is going to collapse.


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And here’s the wrong way...