I Get Nervous When I'm Not Behind The Wheel: Lino Ventura Hoons A Renault R8 Gordini

Even though this is movie hoonage and not a bunch of cough-syrup-addled teenagers jumping a minivan in a strip-mall parking lot, we're giving this movie scene full HOTD honors. I just can't stop watching this sequence! Übertipster Franzouse has this to say: In the 60's and 70's the biggest french action movie star was Lino Ventura, a former pro wrestler who specialized in playing brooding big men and cranky curmudgeons. In one of his movies, Ne nous fâchons pas (Let's Not Get Angry), he drives around in a R8 Gordini; there are many driving scenes, but this one is the best, and one of the most ridiculous of all time. Watch as the tiny Gordini defies the laws of physics as well as the local peace. (the only dialogue is: "you sure you want to drive/ yes, I get nervous when i'm not behind the wheel/ you sure you want to drive?")


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