I Don't Understand the Appeal of Watches

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Back in May, my colleague opened a blog by saying, “It seems like every car person in the world has at least a passing interest in the mechanical and stylistic choices that watches can bring.” He was wrong. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.


I should qualify that I enjoy cameras for similar reasons. At first, some may think people who buy a lot of watches are just like people who buy a lot of cameras. They both can be had analog or digital, and nowadays they’re both more of a style choice than a technical one.

But here’s the thing about watch people that I do not get. A camera will take a photo. It’s a product that can create more products for me. I have creative input beyond just my choice in camera.

What the hell do you do with a watch? It’s just a bracelet. If you rely on a heavy bracelet to communicate to others what you are all about, that is alarming. If you require a watch for its technical purpose—to tell the time—phones make it redundant. There’s no engagement with a watch. Feels like a waste of money, in my opinion.

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Dan Patrick

The key statement in this whole thing is “In my opinion” It’s a collectible, a fashion statement and a commodity- if you choose properly. I’d say there’s no engagement with a phone. It reminds me that there are always more emails to answer, more work to do, more useless Social Media to consume. You can enjoy a watch for the craftsmanship that went into it - just like a sports car. Utterly useless when you think about it, but can bring so much happiness & be worth (and lose you) so much money.