Photo: General Motors

I don’t know how close it came to production, but GMC thought hard enough about a second-generation Typhoon that it put this concept together in 1998. The drivetrain details may have been lost to time, but I do know that we’d all be better off if this thing got built, no matter what’s under the hood.

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.


Any good source for this photo? Seen this image float around before, and I still don’t believe it’s a Typhoon concept.

The biggest thing against this being a Typhoon concept is that it says “Jimmy” on the side.

Not to mention:

- Wheels are completely non-OEM looking even for concept cars at the time. Looks like off the shelf mini-truck wheels of a day.

- Headlights are Envoy headlights.

- Brake rotors are cross drilled when even the Corvette didn’t have cross drilled rotors.

Looks more like someone’s project that made it into a truck mag back in the day but I can’t track it down...