Picking out a red Ferrari is one of the most boring, cliche'd choices in the world of cars. Maybe that's why I can't stop drooling over this achingly beautiful green 458.

I'm not a big fan of impossibly-expensive exotic cars. I don't download wallpapers of Lamborghinis and Paganis. I don't draw McLarens in the borders of my notebooks anymore. A rusty hunk of crap is my dream car.

But holy shit look at this goddamn forest green Ferrari 458 Spider. I couldn't care less about a red 458 droptop. Despite being a completely face-meltingly good driver's car, red 458s are unfortunately saddled with bad owners.

Either you see them driven by old farts who can't appreciate them, or by young toolbags who are begging for an ass kicking.

A green 458 though. I'm getting lightheaded just thinking about it. A green 458 harks back to Ferrari's golden years, when production runs were measured in the two digits, when maintenance was trusted to tiny garages handmaking parts themselves, before a prancing horse became the obvious choice.

But that's just me bullshitting. Take a look at this dark green 458 and tell me you wouldn't crush every red me-too Ferrari just so you could walk out and see it parked in your driveway.

(Hat tip to Fzappa and Banovsky!)

Photo Credits: Laborghini Houston