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Acquaintance Confirms The Ferrari Driver Stomped By Cops Is An Obnoxious Poser

Illustration for article titled Acquaintance Confirms The Ferrari Driver Stomped By Cops Is An Obnoxious Poser

If you watched Julien Chabbott, internet entrepreneur and boyfriend of Hills star Stephanie Pratt, get taken down for running his Ferrari over a cop's foot while trying to dodge a ticket, you probably thought, "I bet that guy is a thundering douchebag." According to our source, you would be completely correct.


We spoke to Alex Roy, who met him through the NY party scene, and was able to confirm that he is the ignorant, snobby guy you expected.


Alex Roy has a great deal of experience with the city's rich-people-and-expensive-cars scene, having run the Gumball Rally for years. He no longer participates in the rally, and people like Chabbott are the reason why.

This guy is the poster boy for why I don't go to Gumball anymore. Every word out of his mouth was like every conversation at every single Gumball party. And I used to love it. When Charles Morgan [the badass managing director of Morgan Motor Cars] went, that was something. When Charles Morgan was replaced by this guy, I didn't go anymore.


A friend introduced Chabbott to Alex Roy six months ago at the private member's club SoHo House New York, saying that he was a real car guy and the two should get along. Chabbot, who came up with an app called Line Snob that lets you avoid waiting in lines, parked his Ferrari in a loading bay. Better to let the valets sort it out than have to wait and pull up properly, no?


Not long after he opened his mouth, Chabbott made it clear he knows nothing about the cars he spends a quarter of a million to own.

He says he only drives Italian, because only they know how to make cars. I asked him what he had before and he said he used to drive an Aventador.

"You know that's made by Audi."


Then Chabbott, who claims the cop was faking it, confirmed that he only buys supercars to pose around the streets of Manhattan at five miles an hour.

I asked, "do you take your cars to the track?" He says, "Oh yes, I go to every Formula One race, and I always fly first class."


Finally, Alex Roy gave a word of wisdom to all of the supercar owners out there who wipe their asses with hundred dollar bills.

When you own a car like that, you have to understand the context that it brings, like a pair of chandeliers. Like you're carrying a pair of chandeliers and marble columns with you.


The world isn't special for playboys. Act respectfully or you'll get your face slammed into your Ferrari.

Photo Credit: Damian Mory

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For Sweden

Lesson learned:

I need to make more smartphone apps.

EDIT: It appears Mr. Chabbott's family runs an import-export business. I need to be born in a rich mob family.