I Am Losing My Mind Over This BMW M2 Competition With German Livery

All screengrabs via BMW M/YouTube

There are no more BMW M2s, only the 2019 BMW M2 Competition now. That means 405 horsepower from a compact little package. And when I saw it decked out in German livery, I near lost my damn mind.

Usually, this is a look reserved for the aftermarket crowd: Custom paintwork and gold wheels. Exposed carbon fiber. But, no, this is a unique show car that BMW created. It has a black, red and gold color scheme like some kind of villain.


And the wheels are mis-matched! On one side, the back wheel is gold. On the other, the front wheel is gold. I am screaming. Are you screaming?

It’s such a simple concept, too. And for some reason, it never occurs to me that you can have wheels that are two different colors. I always assume that you can only have one color. I think this is because I have no imagination and have trouble breaking out of convention.

I unashamedly love this silly BMW. Does that make me a tool?


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