I Am Apple's Car: The Aptera 330 MPG Concept Vehicle

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Yes, we know it looks like what would happen if an iPod and a Plymouth Prowler had a child (and yes, we think it would be named 'Steve II' or 'Steve IIe'). But this little concept car from Accelerated Composites was built with a number of specifications in mind. They are:

# Less than $20,000
# 12HP CARB certified Diesel engine
# 25HP DC Motor
# Regenerative breaking control
# Automatic CVT transmission
# 64in front wheel track
# 173in length
# Weight of 850lbs
# 0-60mph in 11s
# 95mph top speed (electronically limited)
# 330 MPG at 65 MPH


Not bad. We'll take the 30 GB one.

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