Hyundai's Super Bowl Ad Wants You To Recruit Some Hardass Children

Earlier this week we called out some of Hyundai's Super Bowl ads as being more of a miss than a hit. Maybe they were listening to us, because they have now put out an ad for the Hyundai Santa Fe that's actually pretty good.


We see a young boy who gets his football taken away by a group of bigger boys. Their leader taunts him and tells him to come back when he has a team. Perhaps previewing the boy's future career as a special forces operative or as MacGruber, he recruits a gang of the hardest kids in town, helped by his mother's seven-passenger Hyundai Santa Fe, for a game of tackle football.


Touch football is for the weak. Just like mercy.

This, Hyundai, is how you do a Super Bowl car ad — or any car ad, really — the right way. It tells a funny or compelling story while showing off the car's exterior and some of its features. It's all pretty spot on.

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Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig

Notice the large percentage of gingers on the squad. You don't want the strongest kids. You want the ones with a temper. - a ginger