Hyundai Rear-Wheel Drive Coupe Spotted In Korea

This image was lost some time after publication.

New shots of the Hyundai RWD coupe we've already shown you have been shot tooling about somewhere 'round the Korean peninsula (we're assuming it's the South side). As we've told you before, Hyundai's been gearing up their new multi-use rear-wheel drive BH platform for combat, and the platform's going to be putting that "multi-use" term to good use. The Korean automaker's looking at bringing to market all sorts of stuff built atop it including a couple of luxe sedans, a crossover and yes, even a RWD coupe. So there ya go — this one's got a little less cladding on it. OK, maybe it's the same amount of cladding — maybe these ones are just a higher resolution. [via NewTiburon]


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