Hyundai Genesis Coupe eBay Deal Off, Bring On The Lawyers

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As a follow up to last night's update, the Hyundai bid heard round the world has gone full-lawyer in a sad demonstration of what happens when a deal is founded on mistrust.


After not getting the Hyundai Genesis Coupe he won in an eBay bid, McFly (the bidder) complained to the dealership who listed it and, after getting rebuffed, let everyone on the GenCoupe forum know of his experience. This caused the dealership to call its lawyers but, after lots of pressure from teh internets, relented and agreed to get him another car.

Possibly because finding another used Genesis Coupe for sale in the same trim with low miles is unlikely, the dealership apparently offered him a new car. All of this happened verbally. As we mentioned yesterday, the lawyers for the dealership then sent him a physical contract, but McFly says it varied from the verbal contract and that it would would offer no date for the deal.

"They could have taken all the time in the world to deliver a car had I signed... They could have given it to me 20 years from now, and then sued me for breach of contract for not giving them back the amount I agreed to give them 20 years from now."

At this point, neither party believes the other and both are reacting as if the other is working in bad faith. Both McFly and the dealership seem to want this to be over and for it to go away, but there's a level of trust that needs to exist to move forward. Unless this happens, or a third-party intercedes, this seems more likely to go to court than end up in a photo opp.



I think that Crane, Poole and Schmidt would be more likely to take on a public interest case like this than Cage, Fish and Associates. Besides, I doubt the people at Cage, Fish and Associates could pull themselves away from their pathetic, self-absorbed existences long enough to read through the deposition let alone find something to eat.

Then again, do either of the two law firms have practices in Kentucky? I don't even think Cage, Fish and Associates have offices outside of Boston. At least Crane, Poole and Schmidt had office in New York as well.