Now that we're well into 2013, you must be getting pretty of sick of "Gangnam Style." I still can't figure out how a satirical Korean pop song went from a viral video to being a mainstay on American radio, but then again, I can't understand the appeal of dubstep either. Kids these days.


What was I talking about? Oh yeah, "Gangnam Style." Before we ascribe PSY's hit to the annals of 2012 hopefully for good, one Hyundai dealership in Valencia, California has found a clever way to work it into their ads. Presenting: "Parkway Hyundai Style." Feel free to send it to all your friends on the FaceTubes.

And that's not the only song these car-slinging musical impresarios have put out. Looks like Parkway Motors has a lot of swagger. People still say that, right?


Hat tip to Tim!

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