Hyundai August Sales Up 47%

Hyundai August sales hotter than kimchee, up an amazing 47%! [ABC News]

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Take a $19,000 car, less $4500 from company, less $4500 (or $3500) from gov't = $10,000 car and people flocking to dealers.

Actually my 2nd wife has a 2001 Elantra (first year of '01 to '07 generation) and it is a decent car. So decent that I found out that Chinese cab drivers were/are favoring the RHD versions of that model during reporting on the '08 Olympics. Cab use = really durable car. I would buy another of that generation- maybe just with a stick shift vs. automatic transmission.

Another plus is that those cars do not show up in junk yards often which also means good quality...