Hyperbole Alert! Ad Age Reports GPS Is The New IPod

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Yeah, we know GPS-enabled NAV systems are going to be seeing some pretty impressive sales numbers this year — it's pretty obvs considering even brands like Mercury are talking about them in their TV commercials. We'd even go so far as to believe a claim of the possibility of a three-fold increase in unit sales, for the same reasonBut it's a leap and a half (plus probably a skip and a jump or two) to then report on the claims made by GPS/Nav system maker PR flacks that,

"We believe this is a category that's about to break out...we look at it as this is sort of where iPod was three years ago."


I know whenever I'm at the gym on the treadmill I find myself saying, "Damn, I wish I could map a route to Cleveland."

GPS Sales Poised to Triple in U.S. [Advertising Age]

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