Hyperbole Alert! Ad Age Reports GPS Is The New IPod

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Yeah, we know GPS-enabled NAV systems are going to be seeing some pretty impressive sales numbers this year — it's pretty obvs considering even brands like Mercury are talking about them in their TV commercials. We'd even go so far as to believe a claim of the possibility of a three-fold increase in unit sales, for the same reasonBut it's a leap and a half (plus probably a skip and a jump or two) to then report on the claims made by GPS/Nav system maker PR flacks that,

"We believe this is a category that's about to break out...we look at it as this is sort of where iPod was three years ago."


I know whenever I'm at the gym on the treadmill I find myself saying, "Damn, I wish I could map a route to Cleveland."

GPS Sales Poised to Triple in U.S. [Advertising Age]

An Orgasmic Explosion Of Directions: Gizmodo's GPS Gang Bang; Nav, Movies, Music And Kitchen Sink Found In New Gadget [internal]


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gotta love this quote:

"Analysts predict that sales of personal-navigation devices in the U.S. will triple this year..."

um... it's the 11th month of the year, do they still have to make predictions? Shouldn't they be like "at current rates sales will triple this year" and sound a little more sure of themselves?

and this isn't scary at all:

"TomTom has a deal with Dunkin' Donuts that shows "D" locator symbols on the map on the navigation device, and can even beep to signal a Dunkin' Donuts shop.... "Most GPS have millions of preloaded points of interest, so you can find the local Starbucks or pizza shop easily, but it's not advertising." "

So I'm guessing some year when i update my gps it wont update the maps but it'll delete Domino's pizza places but promiently display giant P's for Pizza Hut because Pizza Hut won the highest bid for pizza places? Great, good to know.