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Tired of waiting by the window as automakers, scientists and the whole damn research community take their sweet time building a hydrogen fuel-cell car you can actually buy? Well, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start living vicariously through your children. Yes, the first hydrogen vehicle in wide release may just be this toy car, soon to be available at a Kaybee (or something) near you. It's the H-racer, the world's smallest hydrogen car β€” with a matching Hydrogen Refueling Station. As Gizmag points out, the car introduces the whys and wherefores of obtaining unlimited storable fuel from water and sunlight, and how said ingredients can power a car via a fuel cell, to those who will grow up and move on to lives of self-importance and gas-guzzling SUVs. It's made by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, a name you've not yet come to either know or trust, but it'll be available this June for around $80.

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