Hybrid Technologies Launches Electric Mullen Sports Car

Electric-vehicles doohicky builder Hybrid Technologies is set to launch the previously announced all-electric version of the Mullen L1X-75 supercar. It's called the L1X-75 GT, and it's a carbon-fiber-bodied version of the V8 Mullen, called out by Forbes as the seventh fastest car in the US, a designation shared among the Saleen S7 and Dodge Viper. Hybrid Technologies's propulsion system, fed by a lithium battery — the company says — is "aimed at surpassing current electric sports cars," not mentioning the high-profile Tesla sports car by name (hint hint). Hybrid Technologies expects to market the $125,000 EV in Japan, the United Arab Emirates and the US. In other news, all-electric track day is coming up any time now.

Press Release:

Hybrid Technologies Inc. Set to Launch GT Version of L1X-75 All Carbon Fiber Lithium Supercar


Hybrid Technologies, Inc. emerging leaders in the development and marketing of lithium powered products worldwide, has taken delivery of a specially designed, all carbon fiber version of the L1X-75. A joint venture with Mullen Motor Company has produced a significant advancement in the supercar arena with the launching of the L1X-75 GT.

Mullen was named by Forbes Magazine as the 7th fastest American production car, an honor shared with Saleen and Dodge Viper. The distinctive L1X-75 GT with its' combination of style, handling and performance makes it one of the most outstanding cars produced in the world today.

Hybrid Technologies, in conjunction with Mullen, has created a platform aimed at surpassing current electric sports cars with the use of a highly advanced battery management system, along with a proprietary battery balancing system. The L1X-75 GT incorporates safety elements that are presently incorporated into Hybrid's consumer products such as the New York City Taxi and the NASA Smart Car used at Kennedy Space Center.

The L1X-75 GT platform and carbon fiber body was produced in Los Angeles, CA while the propulsion system is being produced in Mooresville, NC.


At the time of press, Hybrid has announced an MSRP of $125,000 USD.
For more information about Hybrid Technologies visit www.hybridtechnologies.com, and for more information about Mullen Motor www.mullenmotorco.com

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