Hybrid-Hating Tire Slasher Targets Prii In Virginia

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Hide your kids, hide your Prius! There's a sinister criminal on the loose in Arlington, Virginia, and he's targeting the weakest and most vulnerable among us: our hybrid cars!


TV station WUSA9 reports that 16 vehicles, most of them Prii (that's the plural of Prius, dontcha know), had their tires taken out in various neighborhoods in Arlington. The tire slasher also went after a Smart Car and a county-owned pickup truck. (Fire up your "And nothing of value was lost" memes now.)

The local Patch reports that the cars weren't broken into or otherwise damaged, but their owners will need new sets of rubber.


Seriously though, tires aren't cheap regardless of what car you drive, and doing this to someone's vehicle is beyond shitty. Let's hope this tire slasher gets what's coming to him soon.

Hat tip to Meta!

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