Tired of all those Escalade, Cayenne, and H2 drivers looking down on you from their suburban luxo-ute towers? Well, we've just the vehicle for you to one-up them with. This Hummer H1-based monstrosity is called the Coggiola T-REX. Standing over 7-feet tall and nearly 18-feet long, it is absolutely massive. And what's better, this dinosaur is up for bids! Sure, anyone could just buy a surplus Humvee if size was all that mattered, so what makes the T-REX special? It's all about the fine Italian styling.

Coggiola, a design firm based in Turin, Italy, created the T-REX back in 2000 as a concept vehicle to display at that year's Geneva Motor Show. We're not sure what exactly they were thinking at the time, but the Italians took the chassis of a Hummer H1 and made a completely custom body and interior for it. You would think they would shoot for something dramatically stylish, but the end result looks to us like a bloated Jeep Grand Cherokee that just feasted upon a liberty. Sure, the 6.5-liter turbo-diesel engine and all the tough off-road drivetrain remains, so it does retain some function to its form. Actually, with all that interior room you could probably even live in this thing, so perhaps it's even more purposeful than before. However you feel about the T-REX, the current asking price of about $800,000 is probably enough to keep away all but the most oil-rich buyers.
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