Humongous Column Of 'Ukrainian Militia' Heads To Ukrainian Border

As we've seen for weeks, Russian special forces patriotic, hardworking, and all-around-good local Ukrainian self-defense militia have been taking over sites in eastern Ukraine. And now it looks like this huge armored column of "militia" is heading over from Russia to help out some more.

The massive movement of armored personnel carriers and troops was caught on video around Rostov-on-Don, right across the border from Ukraine, according to the Youtube description. Here's another convoy nearby in the same Russian oblast:


And while defenders of Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis may point to the large amount of Russian forces that have been massing for months now on the Ukrainian borders, movements of this size and scale are probably not a normal sight on roads.

Plus there's the fact that "anti-government militia" already managed to get their hands on a few APCs. Plus there's the fact that we saw this exact same thing when Russia invaded and took over Crimea. Plus there's the fact that Vladimir Putin publicly admitted that he lied about sending troops into that region.

So, yeah. Eastern Ukraine, give a hearty welcome to your new, suspiciously well-armed and comparatively well-funded local self-defense organization.

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