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Hummer Scooter Concept Makes Trucks Look Silly

Illustration for article titled Hummer Scooter Concept Makes Trucks Look Silly

When we saw the official press shots of Hummer's new H3T the first thing we noticed was the presence of the ubiquitous - well in the world of truck press shots that is - dirt bike in the back. We understand why they put the bike in there, it's to highlight the utility of the vehicle and to draw parallels between the ability and sexiness of the dirt bike and the truck it's placed in, but we can't help but feel it does the opposite. With its fuel economy, mud-plugging ability, cost and practicality, the bike just makes the truck look effeminate and silly. Enter this Hummer scooter concept from Oberdan Bezzi. With a 450cc engine, it's probably every bit as fast as the H3 and just as capable off-road. In fact, it's probably a more practical vehicle all round, but will that matter to potential H3T buyers? Not a bit. [Via Scooter Design]


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@ Everyone: Maybe 'fake' was the wrong word (depends on the intent), but people were talking about it like it was on a showroom floor already. Perhaps my USB Sarcasm detector isn't working.

@NatefromOgden: Looking from the way the area below the seat bows out, those would have to be some huge running boards. I have no doubts that a 250cc engine works fine, but what about an engine with double the displacement?

@skaz: I seem to recall a certain Camaro sketch from a year or two back that had little more than a design and a logo to go on, and it fooled a lot of major media outlets.