As crews work to salvage the Costa Concordia, the 50,000 ton cruise ship that sank off the coast of Italy last year, today they discovered human remains that may reveal the fate of the ship's last two missing passengers.

CNN reports that dive crews will attempt to recover the remains found on the fourth deck this afternoon as the ship sits near the harbor of Giglio, Italy. When the ship ran aground and capsized in January 2012, 32 of the 4,200 people onboard were killed.

Two of those people, who hail from India and Sicily, were reported missing but presumed dead. Since then several company officials and crew members have been convicted of manslaughter, negligence and other charges.


Francesco Schettino, the captain who allegedly took the off-route maneuver to give his passengers a view of the island lights and then famously abandoned the boat before the evacuation was completed, remains on trial.

Photo credit AP