Human Denied N.H. License Plate That Isn't About Sex Or Violence

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There are plenty of license plates you can't have in other states because they're usually about sex or bodily functions, like 4NIKK8 on a Georgia plate. But a New Hampshire man has gone to the state's Supreme Court because he thinks he should be allowed to say "cops lie." After all, this is the "Live Free or Die" state.


WBZ-TV in Boston reported last week that David Montenegro is fighting a 2010 decision by the New Hampshire DMV to deny his application for the vanity plate "COPSLIE". Montenegro, who for some reason chose to change his name to "human" last year, thinks COPSLIE basically sums up what's wrong with NH government so that it fits on a license plate.


The state doesn't see it that way, believing it's an unfair accusation and that they can deny the request if they do not believe it's in good taste.

The state's rules on personalized license plates:

  • Initial Plates shall not have the identical or similar combination of characters as any other classification of plate.
  • Initial Plates shall not be capable of an obscene interpretation.
  • Initial Plates shall not be ethnically, racially, or which a reasonable person would find offensive to good taste.
  • The Division of Motor Vehicles reserves the right to recall Initial Plates if they are determined to be unacceptable or a complaint is received from the public.

So, there's no provision about making an accusation against law enforcement in those DMV rules. And the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union thinks the DMV is unfairly discriminating against "human."

I just think a bumper sticker would've been cheaper and less trouble.

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A license plate that says "COPSLIE" is basically saying "Yes, give me a ticket please."