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Our friends at the Jezzie posted up an article yesterday stating that women and gay men have poor senses of direction, while straight dudes have an inherently good sense of where they're going. Interesting side note: While making a dusk run to the Wal-Mart to grab some $1.66 gloves (they also had $0.93 gloves, but we figured fuck it — let's splurge) Murilee confessed to me that he has no sense of direction whatsoever. I'm not bragging (just stating) but I have an insane sense of direction. Not only do I always know what direction I'm facing, but I never get lost. I'm not even afraid of getting lost. I remember the first time I was in Omaha I hopped in my rental car and drove to my hotel without even looking at a map. The city's grid layout just made sense. And yes, if you're wondering, I'd rather eat the contents of a camel stomach then ever stop and ask directions. Seriously. You?


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