​How You'd Option Your Porsche Boxster Spyder

It's really impossible to contain our excitement about the new Boxster Spyder. The first generation is still one of our favorite modern Porsches, and this new one looks even better. Now we can build our dream with a standard manual gearbox and no stereo.


In keeping with the lightweight theme of the Spyder, I went with minimal options and maximum impact. You could make it a comfortable daily driver with all the overpriced amenities you'd expect in a Porsche, or you can go bonkers track-rat spec.

The full bucket seats ($4,730), ceramic composite brakes ($7,400), Sport tailpipes ($650), fire extinguisher ($140), and manual air-con ($0). Yes, there's no stereo and I'm completely okay with that. But I've also added European delivery (again, $0), for a total price of $96,015.

Now show me yours.

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