How Would You Spec Your Mini Cooper 4-Door?

Some of you aren't real keen on a 4-door Mini Cooper. But I happen to think it is a natural part of the brand's development. Well, the configurator is up and unlike some other automakers, this one is quite fun to use.


I priced out a Cooper S with manual trans (of course!) very similar to the 2004 Cooper S I had, and loved very much until it was totaled in a flood. I ticked the boxes for dark-blue with white stripes, sport package, and dynamic damper control. Total cost- $28,200. That's not too bad considering if you want the dynamic dampers on the '15 GTI they will set you back $800 and you must get at least the SE trim, combined with the Performance Package $1500, for a total of $31,120.

For those of you who would consider a Cooper with some extra doors, how would you spec it?

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