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The greatest trick Mercedes ever pulled was convincing Americans that a hatchback was a crossover. Mercedes didn't give us the A-class, but we do get its lifted cousin with "respectable" ground clearance. They will end up selling/leasing a crap-load of them. What would yours look like?


Opinions are mixed on how the GLA fits in. Travis thinks it's "pointless," but he is a Miata man with no need for practicality. Matt, who is attending the launch of the GLA, says, " AMG trim it gets 29 mpg highway, can carry my shit, and hit 60 mph in 4.8 seconds...not bad." In fact, the GLA would make for a great city crossover, it is quick enough to zip through traffic and small enough to find easy parking.

Personally I see the GLA45 and think... hatchback, AWD, 355hp turbo-4 = RALLY CAR! I bet this would be a blast flying down some dirt roads. I checked off all the AMG boxes and the matte paint (because why not) and still ended up under $60k.


Head on over to and show us how you would spec out your GLA hot-hatch crossover.

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