Murilee's recounting of "a very loose dual-brake-pedal 70s Rabbit" got us thinking about how we done got trained. The old man learned to drive when he was 12 and it was his passionate belief that the reason he had never been in an accident was because he had learned to drive so young. From the time I was 10 until 16 he was always seeking out deserted roads and empty parking lots to let me practice. As a result, I remember nothing about high school driver's ed accept that the football coach who told the anti-semitic jokes (and taught typing) was the instructor and that I should never get into a car with other 16-year-olds. I also had private driver's training where one day my instructor said, "feel like driving Downtown?" Years later I found out that had me drive him to pick up some speed. Love it. Though, in fairness, while on the 101 I was in the process of changing lanes without looking and he saved me from smashing into a Celica. You?