Image: Isuzu via Old Car Manual Project
Image: Isuzu via Old Car Manual Project

“How underrated is the Isuzu Trooper?” is a question I wake up in the middle of the night asking myself, usually in a thick sweat. These little boxy SUVs are so handsome, their interiors are basically perfect, they’ve got their spare tire in the right location, they offer amazing visibility and off-road capability, and they’re also dirt cheap. What’s not to love?


In case you’re curious, this Dutch ad reads (translated via Google Translate):

Even more power due to new engines. Dynamic, robust and reliable. A powerhouse, now even stronger in the new power versions.


There’s one for sale on Craigslist for only $1,499. Someone who is not me needs to buy it

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Jeff Glucker

Was looking at Troopers, Monteros, and RR Classics before I found my Gen 1 Montero.

Some really good deals out there on the Trooper and Montero front right now. I predict a slight rise in interest and value as Toyota prices continue to rise to dumb heights.

Buy now. They won’t skyrocket but there could be a slight bump ahead.