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So we noticed at SEMA this year that carbon fiber has become the new matte black. And if you remember, as we learned from SEMA last year, matte black is the new black. Now, because of a desire for the "carbon fiber look" — lovers of tuners of all shapes, colors and chrome appendages are taking the time-honored tradition of finding ways to lighten their cars — and throwing them out the window. Most of us already know that instead of fabricating new carbon-fiber parts, many lovers of the over-pimped are merely wrapping their pre-existing car parts in carbon-fiber. Yay, 1.25 times the weight, and 1.25 times less performance. Anyway — if you happen to be one of the silly people interested, the folks over at VolvoSpeed have put together a little "How-To" on wrapping your car parts in carbon-fiber. Although it may seem like we're aiding and abetting, we've gone and galleried 'em up below in the hopes of showing the little ones what not to do with their side mirrors. You know — for the kids. Don't follow along with the step-by-step instructions under each one of the pictures.
[via VolvoSpeed]


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