A Surefire Way To Win At Karting Is To Turn Off Your Opponent's Kart Mid-Race

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Here’s a fun little sneaky trick to pull on someone that you just have to beat in a friendly karting competition.

Juan Pablo Montoya hosted the Carrera de Estrellas karting event in Colombia with a number of racing stars, including drivers Gustavo Yacaman and Travis Pastrana. As the group got going, Pastrana probably should have watched the starter button on the side of the kart a bit closer.


eKartingNews explains what’s going on in this video:

Since the onboard starter has been added to karting, the chance to toy and mess with your fellow competitor has opened up. In the past, the spark plug wire was the only shot at shutting off your competitors engine, which comes with a little bit of a shock. The newest versions of the TaG engines put the starter electronics on the left side of driver. The IAME come with a turn-key, while the new Rotax EVO has the dial to turn on or turn off the engine.


All the shenanigans, with none of the electric shock? Sounds like a prank that must be played, provided you’re not actively competing for anything more than bragging rights and/or the dinner bill.

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