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How to Take a Bulldozer Front End Loader Up on Two Wheels

Who knew hoonage with construction equipment could be so much fun? Actually, we kinda did. So basically what you need to do to get a bulldozer front end loader up on just two of its four wheels is to load up the shovel with as much dirt as humanly possible, raise the lift arm right about as high as you can take it, go really fast....and then Stop! You've just taken a loader to the limits. Hopefully you didn't take it one step beyond the limits because, well, then you'll be explaining why your CAT is sitting cab-smack against the ground.


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Payloader, AKA front loader or front-end loader - designed specifically for picking up bulk materials from the ground and dumping them into a container - truck, hopper, what have you. Sometimes also designated by its carriage, so a unit on wheels is a wheel loader, a unit on treads is a trackloader.

Bulldozer - designed for pushing bulk materials along the ground, sometimes for very shallow digging or scraping.

Bobcat - the balls-out dune buggy / ATV of the construction site. Unlike the payloader in the vid, you can rock a Bobcat right over onto its face - which, Isetta-like, is where you get in and out.