(Photo Credit: Chris Fix/YouTube)

Sure, you know how to unscrew a few bolts in your time. Maybe even been brave enough to hit a junk yard and harvest something off a dead car to put on your own. But what about dismantling an entire car in your driveway for fun and profit?

Chris Fix is one of my favorite automotive instructable YouTubers because he breaks pretty much every project into a concise, clearly illustrated tutorial for numbskulls like myself to play over and over while I’m trying to learn a new skill.

A few days ago he explained how and why you should think about buying a “parts car” to take apart and salvage for valuable components. This time, watch him get into the strangely satisfying process of removing (almost) every bolt and piece of this Jaguar X-Type.

Fix is even ambitious and neighborly enough to make sure the stripped carcass is removed in a timely manner, which I would totally never do.


Bottom line, I don’t know if you really need to “learn” how to strip a car but it sure is fun to watch. Especially from the clean comfort of your computer.