How To Steal A Mazda3 With Only Your Wits And Some Tin Cans

Let's say you're MacGyver, you've turned to a life of crime and need to steal a car. All you have is a shoelace, some tin cans and a nail. Of course you punch a hole in each can, string them together and hook them to the bumper of a car then lie in wait to pounce when the driver gets out to see what's making all that racket as they pull away. As perfect as this plan may be, we suspect it's probably staged since the otherwise clever plan would be thwarted when the would-be victim approaches from behind and sees cans hooked to the car. Plus the 'get in, start up, drive, stop and get out' sequence happens too fast to believe it wasn't staged. But who are we, CSI? Judge for yourselves. [youtube]


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Ash78, voting early and often

The last time someone tied cans on the back of my car like this, I ended up on the losing end of a hostage situation—when all was said and done, I lost my identity, my freedom, most of my assets, and about 2/3 of my paycheck. Plus, you could barely see through the "Just Married" on the back window.