How To Sell Your Morris Minor Hell Project

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We can just hear the conversation that took place prior to shooting these photos:

"Look, just sit on the hood and look sexy- this thing's as good as sold, baby! We'll be able to buy something that runs every day!"
"But... the hood is all icky! And why is there smoke pouring out from under the dash?"

Doing the pinup thing in a desert setting, maybe throw a little sepia on some of the shots- hey, the car is getting bids, so there's no arguing with success! Some of the shots may be mildly NSFW (if you work in an extremely prudish office). [eBay Motors]

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Can an ebay question be COTD?

"Wow! I love the curves on that one!!! I have a much older model here at home. Wish i could restore her to look like yours... LOL!!"