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How to sell your car using social media

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Most people put just enough effort into selling their used car to get the job done — maybe a few online ads at best. One British owner has launched an entire viral campaign for his Porsche, complete with music video.

Titled "Get A Life, Buy My Porsche," the video and Tumblr site seek to drum up interest for a 1985 Porsche 911 Supersport Targa with 147,000 miles on it. As owner Peter Bohus says:

I am reluctant to sell my beautiful Porsche 911 Supersport Targa as I no longer have the time or energy to cope with the pressures of being in the public eye of admirers, gorgeous women constantly falling at my feet, always having to arrive in style to decadent fetish parties, long drives to classic motor shows and trying to find a parking space at Les Trois Garcons'. I'm now looking for the right candidate to hand down this hedonist roof down boxer engined lifestyle so that I may retire and have a long break in Nepal.


Both sites feature fashion shots with a styled model — possibly the first amateur for-sale ad to include fashion credits — and the video works as a well-scripted short film rather than the point-and-wander approach of the typical used-car Scorsese. Bohus tells Jalopnik that he enlisted friends for the shoot and video production as a way to "make a memoir of such an iconic classy car."


The Porschephiles will howl at the lack of necessary evidence forsaken by this approach; while model Liliane Spielmann has lovely cheekbones, how their sharpness compares to that of the clutch in the five-speed gearbox remains a mystery, along with any other mechanical details. Which is the point: if you want a classic Porsche, there are dozens available, although most run more than the roughly $18,000 sought by Bohus. He's selling the sizzle, not the stick.