A man named Dave has wired a cell phone into his car so that it can be started from anywhere in the world. Marginally useless, yes. But also very, very cool.

Phone-based remote-start technology is nothing new. Car alarm companies have been experimenting with it for years, and one has even brought a viable, iPhone-based solution to market. The expense, however, keeps most people away. One man's solution does away with the costly hardware and requires little more than a $10 cell phone and a cheap aftermarket remote-start box. The result lets you start your car from anywhere you can make a phone call, and it enables the phone's calendar and alarm functions to enact timed engine starts without your help.

Along the same lines, another individual has developed a remote-start unit that uses a GSM switch, a remote-start-capable key fob, and an active SIM card. The hack isn't as simple as the one above, and you obviously lose the phone's time-based functions, but the end result is the same:

Ahh, donuts cell phones: Is there anything they can't do?

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