How To Parallel Park In Tight Spots

1. Pull up just alongside the car in front, leaving 2 feet of space, until your rear bumper is about a foot ahead of the other car's rear bumper.


2. Turn the steering wheel one complete revolution and reverse, then adjust the steering to aim your rear bumper just curbside of squarely at the front bumper of the car behind yours.

3. Straighten the wheel and reverse, adjusting the wheel until your front bumper is nearly touching-and level with-the rear bumper of the other car.


4. Turn the wheel hard (even all the way) and reverse until your car is as close as possible to the car behind you. Then "walk" the front of your car into the spot by steering toward the curb and inching toward the car in front, turning the other way and creeping toward the car behind you, etc…

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