How To Make Your Car Cassette Player Useful Again

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Nevermind that silly OEM iPod connection we talked about earlier on the Scion. We've found a way to use your old cassette adapter in a cool and new way. user JPPadula has done some amazing entertainment tech upgrades to one of the featured rides on his user page, a 2002 GMC Denali. In addition to some neon and electric power enhancements on the SUV, he's also created one of the most ingenious iPod cradle units we've seen. Guess what he used? That's right, all of it's housed in a


"...modded OEM cassette player to accept an iPod. Ipod slides in like a cassette, ejects with the factory button, Custom made Apple button controls PAC SWIX to select source on Kenwood deck using Ipod interface. All fits in OEM cassette player case, mounts like factory, all backlighting retained. Used steel stock lined with suede to make a chassis, cassette mechanism gear assembly for motorization and many hand fabricated slides and levers. Works like a dream."


We totally want one of these in our next car. I hope JPPadula's going to be taking some orders on it because we're in. Gallery below and check out the rest of his work via the link below.

Joe's GMC Denali [CarDomain]


The 2008 Scion tC Revealed, Gets Standard iPod Connectivity [internal]

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This thing is seriously cool. I would love one, but am in no way about to take the time to make it any time soon.. The whole concept is great; I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing similar docks (built from new, not from an old casette player) available via aftermarket.

Tork: That's no Gen2 iPod. I own a Gen2 iPod. They don't have a connector on the bottom at all, and have a firewire port on the top alongside the headphone jack. That's a 3rd gen - the first one to have a dock connector on the bottom.

topdown: Those don't cradle the iPod like this! They are just a "line in" cassette thing that works about as well as eating glass to cure constipation. The sound coming out of the speakers roughly approximates what music must sound like in hell.