Video maestro György Szeljak—no stranger to Jalopnik—has finished his latest car piece, which features a boat load of scantily clad women and tuned automobiles. Click to watch (potentially NSFW).


György’s cars-and-babes exposé was shot at the Budapest Tuningshow, Hungary’s answer to SEMA.


It stars The Fuel Girls, by their own definition a “kick-ass, ultra-sexy, fire breathing rock and roll, dance and stunt show” from the UK. If you watch the video, you will see that the part about breathing fire is to be taken quite literally.

As you would expect from a car styling event held in the porn capital of the world, the video is somewhat heavy on skin, so please watch with care if you happen to be at a typical American office.

Machine shops and European offices are exempt from such warnings.


And if you can’t get enough, there’s always the behind-the-scenes gallery:

Click to view

Photo Credit: György Szeljak