How To Make A Prius Sound Like a Spaceship

Using Lotus’s Halosonic noise control system, pedestrians used to being freaked out by silent hybrids can now be freaked out by intergalactic buzzing.


Developed by Lotus Engineering and licensed to Harman International, Halosonic is also capable of generating flat six, V8 and V12 sounds—but care must be taken to avoid these at all costs. They are freakishly wrong. Better stick with variations of “Futuristic”.

The system itself is rather more complex than a simple Star Trek gimmick. The video depicts only one of four pillars of Halosonic, namely EESS: external electronic sound synthesis. A technical explanation is available at Lotus’s R&D department, complete with decibel charts and a sea of TLA’s. If you’re prepared for an onslaught of EOC, RNC, IESS and EESS, documentation awaits here.

Photo Credit: Pedro Moura Pinheiro/Flickr, Lotus Engineering. Hat tip to Máté Petrány.

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