How To Make A Deer Stand From A Travel Trailer

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Let's say your 20-foot Prowler travel trailer has reached the end of its useful life on the road and you're unsure what to do with it. You also happen to be in dire need of more commodious accommodations from which to hunt the fauna of your choice. You're in luck friend, as we've discovered the perfect way to solve both problems at once — the elevated trailer deer stand. Like the Gods upon the, telephone pole, this bedecked trailer looks down upon its surroundings as its creator rains down upon the herd an unstoppable fury of lead and marksmanship.

  • Start with a small to medium size camping trailer
  • Pull it out to a likely looking area
  • Jam some poles in the ground
  • Use a couple of tractors with loaders
  • Raise it WAY UP (and fasten it!)
  • Drink a beer or two and step back to admire your work
  • Build a deck (so you'll have a place to sit outside and drink another beer)
  • Build some nice stairs so you don't have to go down a ladder while inebriated
  • Practice shooting deer using a piece of lumber as a target

Truly, a backyard engineering marvel the likes of which most men can only dream of. Imagine hunting from your deck, butchering on-site, grilling from your perch on high and napping it all off when your done. If ever there was cause for raising a can of PBR and toasting ingenuity, this is it. [WindStream]

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