How to install the iPad 2 in your car’s dashboard

The iPad 2 has just been released, and the intrepid individuals at Soundman Car Audio detail how to install the iPad 2 into a Ford F150 dashboard. "I got Facetime in my dash!" [Jalopnik]


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Nope. No way. Not a chance in Hell!

I like my dash just the way it is. Full set of gauges (incl oil press, battery charge, tach, speedo, fuel & temp), stereo controls on the steering wheel and actual dials for the climate control.

I get information at a glance, I have no screen to distract me and I can change discs & swap between stereo functions with my thumbs - all without taking my eyes off the road.

I know how to read a map and do the simple math required to know how long it will take to reach my destination.

iPad in my truck? iDontthinkso.