The same hands-free phone technology that saves our butts on the road can be a real pain if you decide to race or track your street car. How do you handle a call if you forgot to leave your phone far away in the paddock? Keep driving, of course.


Clearly, this man's attempt at autocrossing his Fiesta ST wasn't going well, as he points out the cones he's hit and the place where he spun on a previous run. You can hear the frustration in the f-bombs he drops on course.

What happens next should be a warning to all of us who forget to stash our phones back in the paddock, or who haven't figured out how to unlink them during hoon sessions.


He receives a call. The car answers the call, because it's hands free!

And the man continues racing.

He didn't spin this time, so maybe there's something to having to concentrate on both the course as well as an ill-timed phone call.

Just kidding. I'd probably spin out. Leave the phone out of the range of your car if you can, or carefully bring it back in or dismiss the call when you can't.


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