How To Get Super Jacked... Using Your Jack And Other Car Parts

Welcome back to another episode of a Jalopnik-approved workout, with me, Erica, as your tour guide to the town of Swoleville. I am assuming you are here for this advanced version of working out with your car because you did the first one so many times and its too easy now. I get it. But buckle up, because this time I am back with an intense full body burner, using weights. No, not real weights. None of us were smart enough to invest in those back before this started. But hey, if you did, congrats. Also, I hate you.

It’s easy to feel that without a gym full of dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, baby bells, whatever the others are, at your disposal that you can’t get super jacked. And to a point, you’re right, I don’t think you can really make gainz (yes, gains are much different than GAINZ) without weights. I, too, frequent gym equipment websites, and, with a deep sigh, see that they are still out of stock. But, don’t worry my child, have I got news for you! A spare tire, which weighs around 20-25 pounds, and your jack, closer to 3-5 pounds, will be your substitutes during these unsettling times.


Just like last time, I recommend doing 3 sets of the workouts I picked with a break in between, usually for 30 seconds to a minute depending on how hard you are working. Wait, what am I even saying? OBVIOUSLY you’re working hard! What is this, amateur hour?!

Grab your 2007 Nissan Sentr— oh, right you don’t have one of those. God, when will you people learn this was the greatest car ever made? Fine, just find A Car and some workout clothes- that will do. I’m 70% sure you will get the same results.


Go ahead, watch the video and try the workouts. Please tell me below how you did, and especially what car you pushed.

Video Producer for Jalopnik. In a committed relationship with her 2007 Nissan Sentra named Layla.

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Now let me see you do that same exercise with a full-size spare..You can do eeeet