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How To Get Pumped For The Amazing Off-Road Show On TV This Weekend

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

The 2015 Mint 400 desert race will be on NBC this Sunday, July 12th at 2:30PM EST. Kick back watching the whole broadcast then, and get yourself fired up for the weekend with this face-rocking trailer right now!

The Martelli Brothers and Mad Media do a better job making the Mint into a kickass spectacle of speed every year. Just watching that minute-long teaser makes me want to jump into my truck and jump it off a dune.


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That was an interesting broadcast.

It was broadcast as part of the Red Bull Signature Series which usually handles “XTreme” sports. The host Sal Masekela didn’t seem to know how to introduce the event. But worst was the two announcers. It was obvious that the commentator, Lee Diffey, and the analyst sound tracks were recorded separately. It was funny for about 10 minutes, before making the program almost unwatchable.

I won’t get in to the mediocre video coverage of the event, including their total avoidance of the accident that caused a red flag of the race for a while and the condition of the drivers in the accident.

Unintentionally funny moment:

On-track reporterette reports that there has been a pass for the lead and the leader has just gone by and directs the camera to point to an inflatable gate to get a view of the second place truck roaring past. - Next scene: Helicopter shot of 2nd place truck in pit.

C’mon NBC, at least give an effort! Later in the afternoon, NBC airs half the Indy race with a skipping problem in the dialogue tracks and Jan Beekhuis (spelling?) says that the Tour de France and Indy racing are amazingly identical.