How To Explain Giant 'Murican Trucks To Europeans

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There are many Americans who, at one point, probably didn't understand the allure of a small European hatchback. That's starting to change. What hasn't changed is that many Europeans still don't get big 'Murican trucks.

Just before 2:00 PM today, noted European The Stig Farmer submitted his puzzlement at the 2015 GMC Sierra HD.

Being a civilised European, I fail to understand pickups of this size.

How small is the average American penis?


The inference that a vehicle of such substantial proportions might serve to compensate for a sub-standard phallus predictably led to an immature/hilarious thread of base comedy kicked off by GrauGeist:

As an American, I can tell you that my penis is so big, it needs its own seat.

If I had a tiny penis, then a little Euro hatch would be fine. The problem is, when I drove my girl's hatch across state, she was kind enough to give me road head. Normally, this is awesome. However, in her little hatch, no only did my erection push her back into the rear seats, it forced the sunroof open and me halfway out the driver's window. The discomfort caused me to lose it, and we were able to continue the trip without incident. Luckily, no damage was suffered to the car. Or my phallus.

But ever since that fateful night, it's been large vehicles all the way.

SloW8 was first to offer a less sarcastic response:

Using the right tool for the job (see what I did there) has its advantages. Trying to pull a race trailer 3000 miles with a little truck is doable but, pulling one with a big old dually truck is so much nicer and less stressful. Most folks that pony up the dollars for a heavy duty diesel dually actually have a need for it.

Our infrastructure is much different. We have big wide roads that you don't. I don't understand the desire to pull a tiny caravan around Europe with an undersized underpowered wagon.


From there on the thread becomes a battleground between sarcastic and serious which, at the end of the day, was deemed Chuck Norris approved.

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Even though the penis "joke" was outdated and lame, I too am an European don't understand at all pickup trucks that size.

As for racecar pulling, well, we have plenty of solutions:

Most people would use this though :

(because having a roof over your tools, parts and a fuckload of cubic-meters is the proper way to go IMO)